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Aside from the weekly gym classes included in the school schedule, IHM has recently added some sports programs to the extracurricular organizations available.

eagle logoWithin these programs which consist of girls basketball, boys basketball and boys baseball, IHM students learn the values associated with discipline, performing under stress, teamwork, sacrifice, commitment, effort, accountability, citizenship, sportsmanship, confidence, leadership and organizational skills, participating within rules, physical well-being and healthy lifestyles, striving towards excellence, and many other character-building lessons.

Ethics, playing within the spirit of the rules, and good sportsmanship are also woven into the fabric of the athletic program.

While winning contests, rather than losing them, is a laudable goal, it does not supersede the primary purpose of IHM sport programs: Win or lose, students learn lessons of a lasting and positive nature.

baseball16Video Highlights and slideshow from the IHM Eagles baseball season 2016.

boysbb17Video Highlights and slideshow from the IHM Eagles Boys basketball season 2017.

juniorbb17Video Highlights and slideshow from the IHM Junior Eagles basketball season 2017.

girlsbb17Video Highlights and slideshow from the IHM Lady Eagles basketball season 2017.