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Pro-Life League

life-balloonsDo you feel comfortable knowing that there are four hundred babies killed worldwide every minute? Abortion is the "legal" killing of babies.

The Saint John the Baptist Pro-Life League is an organization of students who believe that this killing must stop. Membership of the Pro-Life League is open to students grades 7–12. The goal is to stop abortion through prayer and certain activities.

Each member is required to say one decade of the rosary every day for the unborn.

The League makes and distributes rosaries realizing that prayer is the only power we have against the evils of abortion.

Every year members raise funds through raffles, etc. to hire a bus to go to Washington D.C. for the "March For Life"… the protest march against the Roe vs. Wade decision. Along with hundreds of thousands of Pro-Lifers from across the country and beyond, they march up Constitution Avenue to the Supreme Court. Along the way, IHM students, faculty and chaperones pass out "The Point" – a powerfully-worded pamphlet stating our cause in the Pro-Life movement.

Members also try to pray the rosary in front of local abortion mills as often as possible.

Please pray to end abortion!  Don't let the cries of innocent babies go unheard! Choose life!

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